Repeal the HIT to lower health care costs.
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Congress’s Shopping List for Small Business Saturday – HIT Suspension

Washington, D.C. – On Small Business Saturday, millions of Americans will “shop small” – supporting the small businesses that make our communities and economy strong. Stop The HIT Coalition, the leading organization representing the nation’s small business owners, their employees and the self-employed, called on Congress to prioritize suspension of the multi-billion health insurance tax (HIT) before it adds to the cost of employees’ coverage.

“Small businesses across the country will make the holidays for millions of Americans this year. Now is the time for Congress to do its part to protect employees and their families across the country who provide so much for our communities by suspending the harmful health insurance tax,” Elena Tompkins, Executive Director of the Stop The HIT Coalition, said.

“This month, Stop The HIT launched a nationwide campaign to mobilize small business owners and voters around the need for urgent relief from the HIT. According to a recent analysis by actuarial firm Oliver Wyman, suspending the tax would provide immediate cost-savings of nearly $480 on average for families employed by a small business in 2020.”

“Suspending the HIT should be at the top of Congress’s priority list. Small businesses are counting on it.”

For more information on Stop The HIT’s efforts to suspend the HIT, click here.